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      Yancheng Bridge Translation & Consultation Services is a Chinese translation and business consultation company registered in Jiangsu Province, near to Shanghai with a history of ten years.
      We realize that our role is like a bridge for better communication between China and the oversea, especially in the field of industry and trading. The BRIDGE is made of strong materials     MORE

MaterialIn the face of various industrial demand, we in the selection of the translator pays more attention to their professional field and literal expression of precision, and adhere to the principle of native faction member.

OralOur interpretation service mainly includes various languages exhibition interpretation, consecutive interpretation, business meeting a variety of conference interpreting, foreign language guides, dubbing, and can undertake simultaneous translation project.

LocalizationComposition of practical experience, the localization team has many years of rich experience in professional translation teacher and peer review.

ServiceDozens of people management team to understand customer, hundreds of experienced experts at home and abroad to fully meet customer demand, the ISO international translation industry advanced process, inter departmental coordination cooperation.

ManagementYancheng Bridge Translation & Consultency Company service time to quality as a fundamental, always provide high quality translation service for customers, so we expect the competitive advantage of the translation to provide the most professional translation service for the customer.

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Yancheng Bridge Translation & Consultency Company Professional: interpretation, translation,
simultaneous interpretation, document translation, translation, legal translation service。
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