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Service Sourcing

    Logo design

    It is convenient for you to select a logo design if you choose us!One of our cooperaters is the designer of 2010 Shanghai EXPO Logo,so the quality of design can be ganranteeed.However,it is inexperience.Many experienced designers of us are waiting for you!At first,you should tell us your requirements about the logo and leave the rest of us.

    Web design
    We are good at designing the website.There are three stages for us to do.First, you should tell us the website building requirements.Second,we will offer diverse schemes and their budgets.After the payment,we will do our best to design the website efficiently.

    Package design
    We have global designers to desigm the package to ensure that all products are in the front of fashion.We will provide various projects for you to select.If you think we fail to plaese you,it is all right to get your money back.

    We cooperate with the largest newspaper office of the whole city,so it is handed for us to invite some good editors.They have a strong sense of responsibility and devoted to their work.We will arrange one editor to concentrate himself on editing your significant files.

    Cartoon design
    Many professional cartoonists are accessed for you.No matter what type of design,they will give you the excellent programs immediately and wholeheartedly.You can communicate with cartoonists and show your own opinion.they willrevise as required.

    Software developing
    We provide different kinds of software developments,such asmultimedia,desktop,ERP software,applications and so on.We have a mass of Sr. Software Engineers who can satisfy your needs.You can also communicate with them and ask for better results.

    Film and television
    In this field, you can enjoy many professional elites’ sertvice. They can meet diverse kinds of multimedia production. You could check the results and if you find that you are disappoint about the design, you could reject to pay the fee.

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